unique bridal shower invitations

How to Choose Bridal Shower Invitation

Bridal shower invitation is one of the most important things that you should notice when planning bridal shower ceremony. When you want to create proposition for bridal shower event, you might need to consider several important aspects. First, you need to decide whether you’re going to order the invitation from printing service or create your own invitation. Creating your own invitation allows you to save budget and gets results that […]

how to install tile shower floor

Shower floor tile for your bathroom

Shower floor tile always find in the modern bathroom. It uses to make the bathroom clean and the display of the floor good enough. You can make your own design then using ceramic or marble to cover the bathroom floor. In the bathroom equipment store you usually can easily find so many model of the floor tile. You can make it balance with the wall color and the door model. […]

pink and gray elephant baby shower invitations

Impress Your Guests With Elephant baby Shower Invitation

Elephant baby shower invitation is great design that will impress your guests. Crisp professional paper with a smooth semi glossy finish design for vibrant full color printing 110lb cover weight 50% recycled content post consumer and 40% pre consumer waste. This invitation and announcement card can add photos and text to both side for free. The size is 5’ X 7’ (portrait) or 7’ X 5’ (landscape). It’s high quality, […]

frameless glass shower doors prices

Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Frameless glass shower doors can be the great element for your bathroom. With the frameless glass, you can get the exclusive and simple accent for your bathroom. If you are a kind of person who pays attention to every detail of your home design, you will not miss to think the design for your shower doors. There are many designs for the shower doors. You can choose the classic style […]

vinyl shower curtain liner

Different Materials of Shower Curtain Liner

Shower curtain liner might be one of the most essential accessories that you need to buy for your bathroom. Curtain liner for shower will not only provide more privilege for you when you spend your time in your bathroom but also could be used to decorate your bathroom so that your bathroom looks more attractive and fashionable. That’s why it’s very important for you to choose drape liner with good design […]

handicapped shower stall

Choose the Best Handicap Showers for Your House

Handicap showers could be the best solution for those of you who need to design your bathroom for family members with limited mobility. With this type of shower, family members who have limited mobility still could enjoy the shower comfortably without have to deal with any possible issue. To get the best results when decorating your bathroom with this type of shower, there are several important details that you might […]

dual shower head splitter

A Closer Look at Dual Shower Head

Dual shower head is one of the most popular types of shower top that you could find on the market these days. Douche head is one of the most essential accessories that you might need for your bathroom. Shower head is available in various choices of specifications, features, design, and size. Choosing the right shower head might allow you to use the shower in more comfortable way. There are several […]

shower curtain sets

Designer Shower Curtains for Your Bathroom

Designer shower curtains are the people who specially made some design for curtains that you use to cover your wet bathroom. Sometimes, people want to have luxury and elegant bath and they need to make the curtains has the same theme like their bathroom. Actually, the real function of the shower drape are to make sure that the water will not come out from the bathroom and make your bedroom wet. […]

monkey baby shower invite

Monkey Baby Shower Invitations with Interesting Theme

Monkey baby shower invitations might be one of the most popular themes for baby shower invitation that you could choose these days. This theme is known for its funny and comical characteristics. If you want to use monkey theme on your baby shower invitation, there are two main choices that you could choose. You could order the invite from the printing service or you design and print your own baby […]

walk in doorless showers

Doorless Shower – Simple Choice for Modern Bathroom

Doorless shower has been a favorite design among of homeowners. This type of shower is suitable to accommodate elder people or those who have limited mobility. It does not take much effort to walk in the shower even if you are on a wheelchair. This simplicity also provides the benefit of time saving. When you search for the ideas on the net about the doorless shower system, you will find […]

elephant shower curtains

Elephant Shower Curtain with Amazing Design

Elephant shower curtain is one of the most popular shower curtains with animal theme that you could find on the market these days. This douche curtain is very suitable for those of you who design your bathroom using natural or wildlife style. This shower curtain is also very suitable for your kid’s bathroom, especially if your kids love animals. Before you decide to buy this shower curtain, there are several […]

monogramed shower curtain

Personalize Your Bathroom With Monogram Shower Curtain

Monogram shower curtain offer a personalized touch to a rather impersonal bathroom accessory. Well strangely enough, it is a popular thing to do, and as the concept becomes mainstream, it is picking up momentum. The curtain have a design all to their own. The most common is a clean white linen shower curtain with a dark border with monogram directly in the center of the curtain. As with regular shower […]